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Insanity is the only real sanity

So let the insanity live

’Cause I have the right to die

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And I take my life tonight ’cause I have the right to die how I wanna

Music lover. Writer. Procrastinator. Anime and Manga Junkie. Lazy. Talkative. Opinionated. Friendly. Me.

"All I have is luck and that damn hollow inside my head." - From Closer, by dishrag_chan

There's a mystery inside my head
And it's you dripping all in red
Did I hurt you?
Let me make it safe and sound

Can you feel me breathing down your neck?
You're just a perfect little human wreck
But I like you
Enough to destroy you - tear you down

There's a memory inside my head
It feels like a part of me is dead
I should save you
But I want to watch you drown

There is nothing you could say or do

Words mean nothing when your lips are blue
I love you
And now that you're six feet underground

It's time to spill your guts
And I don't like what I see on the inside
I'm looking at the evidence
This seems like a violent crime
Did you forget that love was dangerous?
And I feel like I'm, I, I, I...

I'm gonna break your heart and get away with murder
You should've known from the start that it wouldn't last forever
I can't control myself - I feel like someone else
I'm gonna break your heart and get away with murder


Shame pulses through my heart from the things I've done to you
It's hard to face but the fact remains that this is nothing new
I left you bound and tied with suicidal memories
Selfish beneath the skin but deep inside I'm not insane


Sorrow, sank deep inside my blood
all the ones around me,
I cared for and most of all I loved
but I can't see myself that way
please don't forget me or cry while I'm away


What do you know about sacrifice?
You're just an afterthought
Flesh without bone
So here you sleep in your kingdom
You walk through shit to rest on your throne

I Am

I'm a high school student in Colorado who's in her junior year, which makes me 17 years old. I have many likes, but probably more dislikes. I'm extremely opinionated and I know it. I can talk about anything and everything and be more than okay with it. I enjoy arguing, as long as it's not about something stupid, and I love to hear everyones opinions. Though, at the same time, I hate socializing. I grew up alone and I like it that way. I am more than happy sitting alone in the middle of nowhere with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company (provided I have internet of course so I don't get bored out of my mind).

I'm a writer at heart. I write everyday. It doesn't matter what it is that I write at the time. I just have to write something. Sometimes I'll post it up, but often times I'm much too lazy for that. I write slash. I don't do het couples *shudders* I'm just not comfortable with it. So if you don't like that, then here's and idea, don't read it! You can find me in the Avenged Sevenfold or Orange County fandom or the Bleach fandom. I'm a writer for both. though I'm focusing on Bleach the most lately. I'm addicted to Grimmichi and Shuukira. Can't stop writing the later of the two. I truly enjoy their characters far more than I should.

I just opened up a new prompt community. I don't mind if a lot of people join, since I mostly made it for myself. But it would be nice to see some people put their input there. If you're interested it's musicinwriting.


I live for music. It's my whole life. It literally revolves around the beauty that is sound. Though I'm very particular about what I listen to, I'm generally really open to different genres. Though I don't do country, hip-hop, rap, and very little pop. I'm a stickler on lyrics and screaming. If the lyrics are trash, I don't like it. If the screamer can't scream, I don't like it. It's simple as that. Though the music itself is where I base my first opinion off of. If it has something that reels me in then I'll begin to judge how much I like it by the little things. It works for me and I have it down to almost an exact science. So without further ado, a few bands that I love.


Avenged Sevenfold ♪ Adam Lambert ♪ Adelitas Way ♪ Aerosmith ♪ AFI ♪ Akeboshi ♪ Alkaline Trio ♪ All American Rejects ♪ All That Remains ♪ All Time Low ♪ Apocalyptica ♪ Arch Enemy ♪ As I Lay Dying ♪ As The Sky Darkens ♪ Atreyu ♪ Attack Attack! ♪ August Burns Red ♪ Becoming the Archetype ♪ Before Their Eyes ♪ Between the Buried and Me ♪ Behmoth ♪ The Black Dahlia Murder ♪ Black Sabbath ♪ Bleeding Through ♪ Blessthefall ♪ Blinded Colony ♪ Breaking Benjamin ♪ Bring Me The Horizon ♪ Buckcherry ♪ Bullet For My Valentine ♪ Burn Halo ♪ Burn Season ♪ Children of Bodom ♪ Chimara ♪ Chiodos ♪ Cinema Bizarre ♪ Cradle of Filth ♪ Dark Tranquility ♪ Darkest Hour ♪ A Day to Remember ♪ Deathstars ♪ Deluhi ♪ Demon Hunter ♪ The Devil Wears Prada ♪ DevilDriver ♪ Disturbed ♪ Dragonforce ♪ Drop Dead, Gorgeous ♪ Drowning Pool ♪ Eighteen Visions ♪ Escape the Fate ♪ Evanescence ♪ Every Time I Die ♪ Garnet Crow ♪ Ghost ♪ Godsmack ♪ Good Charlotte ♪ Greely Estates ♪ Greenday ♪ Hitomi Shimatani ♪ Hollywood Undead ♪ The Human Abstract ♪ i Hate Kate ♪ In Fear and Faith ♪ In This Moment ♪ Jeffree Star ♪ Job For A Cowboy ♪ Killswitch Engage ♪ Korn ♪ Lady Gaga ♪ Lamb of God ♪ Linkin Park ♪ Marilyn Manson ♪ Maximum the Hormone ♪ The Medic Droid ♪ Megadeth ♪ Metallica ♪ The Misfits ♪ Motley Crue ♪ Nickleback ♪ Nightmare ♪ Nightwish ♪ Nine Inch Nails ♪ nobodyknows+ ♪ NOFX ♪ ON/OFF ♪ One Less Reason ♪ Orange Range ♪ Panic at the Disco ♪ Pantera ♪ Papa Roach ♪ Red ♪ Rise Against ♪ Saving Abel ♪ Screw ♪ Seether ♪ Serj Tankian ♪ Shadows Fall ♪ Shinedown ♪ Sick Puppies ♪ Sixx:A.M ♪ Skillet ♪ A Skylit Drive ♪ Slayer ♪ Slipknot ♪ Stance Punks ♪ System of a Down ♪ Tarja ♪ Theory of a Deadman ♪ Three Days Grace ♪ Throwdown ♪ Tokio Hotel ♪ Trivium ♪ UVERworld ♪ The Veer Union ♪ VersaEmerge ♪ Versailles ♪ The White Tie Affair ♪ Within Temptation ♪ 30 Seconds to Mars

Well that took forever...


I'm so random with this. One minute I'll be obsessed, the next, completely not care. It's a strange trade off. Anyway, here's a short list of what I like.

Air Gear
Fruits Basket
Trinity Blood
Rurouni Kenshin
La Coda D'Oro
Gakuen Heaven
Ouran High School Host Club
Junjou Romantica
Code Gaess

And that's all I'm putting because I feel very lazy right now. I'll add some other time :D


Shuuhei/Izuru {Bleach}
Grimmjow/Ichigo {Bleach}
Ichigo/Grimmjow {Bleach}(When it's written well :p)
Kensei/Shuuhei {Bleach}
Shuuhei/Renji {Bleach}
Renji/Shuuhei {Bleach} (I blame fatalteaz for that. She wrote this)
Hichigo/Ichigo {Bleach} (I blame Skillet (the band) for this...)
Brian/Zack {Avenged Sevenfold}
Jimmy/Johnny {Avenged Sevenfold}
Brendon/Ryan {Panic at the Disco}
Oiji/Kikumaru {Prince of Tennis}
Sasuke/Naruto {Naruto}
Len/Ryotaro {La Corda D'Oro}

ODD Pairings That For Some Reason I Love

Shuuhei/Kazeshini {Bleach} (Yeah... I know, weird)
Hyourinmaru/Toshirou {Bleach} (I can't believe no one else likes this... I mean it's so there!!!)

Working On

musicinwriting Valentine's Day Prompt Table for Shuuhei/Izuru
50prompts Prompt Table 2 for Shuuhei/Izuru


... Claims...

I am the Matthew Tuck of Livejournal.
My BFF is James Hart.
My soulmate is Mick Morris.
I own Brian Haner's sweet ass.
My heart belongs to Zack Baker.
My lover is Jacoby Shaddix

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